Helping Adults Play Songs On The Piano

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  • How to play the songs you love on the piano even if you struggle coordinating the hands together
    • A quicker and easier way to play the piano with no complicated sheet music to slow you down
      • How you can make significant progress in just in days and weeks, not months or years
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      Hi, I’m Martyn

      I help adults play their favourite songs on the piano using a fast, fun and simple method.

      You don’t need to read complicated sheet music and you don’t need to spend hours every week practicing.

      You can get fast results and prove to yourself that you can FINALLY play the piano, or amaze your friends and family with performances at social events and gatherings.

      With BuzzPiano, you’ll learn the piano by playing songs on the piano.

      Let me show you how…

      Is it hard to learn the piano?

      It isn’t hard if you are taught the right way.

      Many traditional piano lessons focus too much on scales and technical exercises and less on the fun stuff, i.e. songs and pieces! People often quit because:

      – they lose interest and don’t want to learn anymore.

      – they feel lessons are too expensive.

      – or they only want to play music for fun.

      Furthermore many people have never even tried learning the piano because they had no opportunity at school or they feel it’s too hard because they are not from a musical family.

      In this online course you’ll learn the piano quickly by focusing on songs rather than a more expensive, traditional curriculum.

      You’ll be able to play a whole range of songs with ease, learning a number of different techniques so you can apply them to the songs YOU want to play.

      man playing piano
      old lady playing the piano

      What are the benefits of learning the piano?

      Not only will you get a lot of personal satisfaction from playing songs on the piano, there are also a number of other benefits. Playing the piano can:

      • Improve your memory
      • Increase your concentration and focus
      • Improve hand-eye coordination
      • Increase your self-esteem
      • Help you discover new opportunities and meet new people at music events.

      Is this course right for you?

      If you want to play songs on the piano then this course is for you. Martyn will give you step-by-step instructions so you can learn the melody, chords and put it all together.

      This course is ideal even if:

      • you had some lessons years ago and want to pick it up again
      • you can already play some classical pieces and want to try learning songs instead
      • you are fairly new to the piano, but you have at least some experience of the instrument already
      • you are a complete beginner

      It’s also perfect if you REALLY don’t like reading sheet music.

      With this course you can make a lot of progress fairly quickly.

      All you need is a:

      – piano, digital piano or keyboard (as long as it has at least 61 keys).

      – You’ll probably want a sustain pedal as well (although you won’t need one straight away)

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      This course might not be for..

      ❌ Students who want to go through lots of technical work such as scales, music theory, sight reading exercises and other drills, then this course isn’t right for you.

      ❌ Fairly advanced pianists who can already play popular music confidently.

      However, if you have any doubts whether this course is suitable for you, just click the button below and check out the FREE piano course.

      You’ve got nothing to lose…and everything to gain!