Affiliate Disclosure

I want you to know that I make money on some of the products I recommend.

This in no way affects my opinion of these products. If the product or service isn’t of excellent value and quality, you won’t even hear about it from me!

I take pride in aligning myself with excellence and I’m committed to only bringing to your attention the best products on the market.

I never accept money to review a product or service. I invest our own time and energy into researching and testing out a multitude of products, and my reviews are an honest assessment of that research and testing.

Bottom line is, if it isn’t good enough for a close friend or family member, it isn’t good enough for you.

That’s essentially my motto.

Besides, if I don’t really have the best interests of my visitors, it’s only going to come back and bite me in the behind later, isn’t it? 🙂

I will not, under ANY circumstances, recommend a product that hasn’t already benefited countless others. In other words, rest assured you’ll never be a guinea pig!

And I will only suggest products which offer a money back guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing if it doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back.

Due to the nature of affiliate marketing, once you decide to purchase from one of the links here, you’ll be directed to the merchant’s own website. Before you make your purchase, you can thoroughly review the product or service you’re interested in.

It is important to note that you’ll pay the same purchase price for the product or program whether you purchase through our link or not.

However, I will receive a small commission when you buy through one of our affiliate links

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