Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions you may have about the BuzzPiano course. If you have any further questions not listed here, please let Martyn know at [email protected]

Why choose the BuzzPiano course?

Here you will learn how to play songs by ear and and have fun in the process.

Other online courses focus on reading sheet music straight away which can be tough for beginners to learn, at least in the early stages of their piano journey. 

Other courses claim they teach you songs but they are only showing you the chords and not the melody. While this can sound nice if you want to sing the tune or play along with the recording, it sounds a bit empty if you are playing solo piano.

With the BuzzPiano course, you will develop your musical ear and play full songs on the piano, learn how to create your own versions of them AND accompany yourself so you can sing the melody, play along with the recording and play around with chords.

You will put both hands together very quickly creating a full performance every time you sit at the piano.

Can't I just learn all of this for free on YouTube?

These days there is so much content on the internet that it feels kind of saturated!

While you can learn some individual songs on YouTube, you won’t find a step-by-step method like the BuzzPiano program which walks you through how to play songs by ear AND learn useful techniques that you can apply to any song of your choice.

As part of the course, you also have the option monthly Q&A sessions and access to a Facebook group to really accelerate your progress on the piano.

What will your playing sound like at the end of the course?

It depends on your experience, your background and how often you practice.

After you’ve finished the course, you will know how to play a number of different songs playing the melody and chords together, creating a full performance which you, your friends and family will enjoy. You will also know how to accompany yourself if you want to sing the melody or just play along with the recording.

You will also learn the basics of improvisation and discover a number of different techniques which you can apply to create your own versions of songs.

I'm interested, but am I too old to start learning the piano?

It’s never too late to learn the piano! Martyn has taught plenty of older students and they have no issues playing the songs they enjoy.


Do I need a piano to do the course?

You’ll need a Steinway grand piano for this course. Only kidding! Any piano is fine, as is any electric keyboard or digital piano. Just make sure whatever you use has at least 61 keys (semi-weighted preferably) You’ll probably want a sustain pedal as well although it isn’t necessary for this course.

I'm interested. What do I do next?

Start with Martyn’s free masterclass which will show you 6 ways to learn songs on the piano by ear.