Adults who want to play songs on the piano later in life

From Zero To Playing Along with 90% Of Your Favorite Songs Using 6 Chords

No sheet music. For adults. Using an easy, fast and fun method

Download the workbook today and discover:

  • How to play along with 1000’s of your favorite songs on the piano even if you struggle coordinating the hands together
  • A quicker and easier way to play the piano with no complicated sheet music to slow you down
  • How you can make significant progress in just in days and weeks, not months or years

    I’ll also keep you updated about any discounts on the full course, which typically happens every few months.

    Meet Your Piano Teacher

    Hi, I’m Martyn and I have been teaching the piano for the past 20 years.

    I have shown hundreds of students how to play songs on the piano, how to develop their own style and have fun in the process. In recent years, one of my piano students reached the semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent in 2017.

    I’ve studied music in the UK, Russia and the USA, performing the piano with various ensembles and bands (including playing with former members of Jamiroquai, The Velvelettes and Manfred Mann).

    I teach students of all ages and backgrounds and I firmly believe…

    …it’s NEVER too late to learn the piano!

    Martyn Croston

    Having played the piano for a number of years, I really wanted to find a teacher to take my playing further, particularly with popular music. Since our lessons began, I can definitely say I’ve made significant progress. Playing the piano has become much more enjoyable and I’ve learnt how to play pop songs to a higher standard, how to play jazz piano and how to improvise. If you want to have fun, improve your playing and widen your repertoire, Martyn is the piano teacher for you.

    Steve Poole


    Discover how to play your favorite songs on the piano

    Even if you’re a complete beginner, played years ago and want to take it up again, or if you have never had a lesson in your life

    Start playing your favorite songs today!

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