Here’s what people are saying about BuzzPiano Premium, achieving amazing results in just a few weeks

The BuzzPiano course has totally changed my approach to learning piano. I’ve been playing classical music on the piano most of my life. However, once I started learning songs following Martyn’s method I realised playing this way is so enjoyable and rewarding.

Everything is easy to follow, I can learn songs so quickly and have fun creating my own arrangements. It’s amazing to just sit down and play songs on the piano without the need for any sheet music.

Derek Scott (77)

Before signing up for Martyn’s course, I hadn’t played the piano since I was at school. I gave up years ago because I didn’t like the pieces I was playing, going through all the scales and reading sheet music.

I’ve wanted to take up the piano again recently but just never got around to it. But when I came across Martyn’s course, I decided to give it a go as I liked the idea of playing songs without focusing on sheet music.

I really enjoy this method for playing songs and learning different chords. I’m not tech-savvy at all, but the course is very easy to follow. It is so much easier learn songs following Martyn’s approach and playing the piano is fun again! It’s wonderful to have the confidence to sit down at the piano and just play some songs.

Janet Chilvers (72)